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Traffic Tickets are Civil Infractions and an attorney can appear in court for you to resolve the matter.  That means you do not have to miss work or school to go to court, Kathryn will go for you.  She has over 25 years experience representing clients in all traffic and misdemeanor driving offense matters.  Kathryn is a mobile attorney and meets clients where it is convenient for you – that might be a restaurant close to where you work, live or go to school.

Being convicted of a traffic offense can put points on your license, cost you steep fines, and result in high insurance premiums. Your privilege to drive may even be suspended or revoked. Take advantage of our flat fee for handling your case. When you add up the costs to you, Kathryn’s fee is affordable and having a lawyer handle the matter for you makes sense.

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*$600 per court appearance


  • Affordable Flat Fees!
    • $600 per misdemeanor court appearance
    • $200 traffic or civil infraction with no hearing
    • $400 traffic or civil infraction with hearing held

    *Trial fees and out-to-pocket costs extra


  • Ask Yourself!
    • Is it OK, if I go to jail?
    • Is it OK, if I lose my job?
    • Is it Ok, if I lose my license?
    • Do I know what to expect?
    • Do I know all my rights?
    • Do I know the judge?

    If you answered “NO” to any of these questions, You need Kathryn Simmons Attorney at Law!

  • License Restoration
    (DAAD Appeal)

    • 100% predictability rate
    • 99% success rate
    • $1500 flat fee

    You only have one chance per year to get your license back.

From moving violations to violent crimes, hire an experienced attorney to defend you. Call now at 248-408-7679 to get a free initial consultation.


You have found a lawyer to defend you using aggressive strategies and the benefit of more than 25 years of local experience. Call now, “Let me be your voice in criminal court.” Let me represent you if you need a traffic, drunk driving or misdemeanor lawyer. Let’s work to get you back behind the wheel. Why risk going it alone when you can hire a proven attorney at affordable rates?

Get An Experienced Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

Michigan got tough on drunk driving with the 2010 Super Drunk Law. Sentences are mandatory. There has never been a more essential time to have a tough attorney who can fight back on your behalf. You want to try to stay out of jail, or prison. You want to try to keep some driving privileges. You may hope to keep fines down. The consequences a person faces may be open for negotiation. Call now to determine if there is a defense strategy that suits your case.

Fight To Keep Driving Privileges Or To Get Them Back

The process of avoiding a license suspension or revocation in Michigan is technical and complex. People who try to do it themselves make mistakes. But a failure could mean a year or more without the ability to drive. Call now to find out if you can avoid a crippling blow to the transportation you need for work, school, to take care of your family and for your lifestyle.

Call A Veteran Local Criminal Defense Lawyer

A criminal record will affect your ability to get a job, to keep the one you have, and to rent or own a place to live. Even if you think the authorities have you “dead to rights,” an aggressive defense can be essential. You are entitled to fight. Make sure your rights are protected. Call today.

Misdemeanor Offenses Get Serious Defenses

The system counts on your acceptance of guilt for misdemeanors, and automatically paying the fine. But you don’t have to! People are surprised at how penalties can be argued down, and how, at times, charges are dropped for lack of evidence. To find out what’s possible in your case, call now.

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Call Attorney Kathryn L. Simmons when you need a skilled defense attorney to handle your traffic ticket or misdemenaor driving offense. Call for her help in Lake Orion, Orion Township, Rochester Hills, Oxford, Clarkston, Auburn Hills, Waterford, Pontiac, Bloomfield Hills, Troy, Macomb County and the Oakland County Circuit Court. No attorney or law firm can guarantee the outcome of your case. However,” I can provide you with a free evaluation of the details of your case, and help you tailor a strategy to pursue the best possible outcome.”