Choosing The Best Criminal Defense Firm

By Kathryn Simmons,

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If you are looking for a criminal defense firm to help you build a defense against your criminal charges, it is important to remember two things: Nothing can replace open and honest communication, and if you cannot trust the attorney you have chosen as your legal counsel, find another one.

If you are looking for a criminal defense firm to handle your case, call 248-408-7679. I offer free initial consultations and affordable flat-rate fees

Asking someone to choose the “best” legal firm to handle a criminal defense case is like asking someone to choose the best way to eat a pizza.

The process of finding the best criminal defense firm to represent your interests and uphold your rights in court is based upon extremely subjective specifications. There are a variety of personality types in the world, and not every personality type is capable of working harmoniously with another. So it is important when you are searching for legal representation that you take into consideration the factors that will bring about a successful outcome to your case.

  • Can you communicate with your attorney? Good communication is at the heart of every good relationship, and attorney/client relationships are no different. The more easily you can communicate with your legal counselor, the more easily they will be able to comprehend the circumstances and challenges affecting your case.
  • Do you trust the criminal defense firm that you’ve chosen? Having faith in your legal representative can make all the difference in the world between suffering through a criminal proceeding and facing the courts with confidence. No attorney can ever guarantee the outcome of any case; however, if they are capable of providing you with the pertinent information to instill you with confidence, there is a greater chance that you will be able to present the courts with a more genuine and convincing argument for your defense.
  • Does your legal counselor take your concerns into consideration? Obtaining an attorney who simply knows the law is not the same as hiring an attorney who is capable of listening to your concerns and building your case with those concerns in mind. Mutual understanding is one of the cornerstones to providing solid representation; otherwise, an attorney is simply presenting a case with no clear objective.
  • Does your lawyer’s criminal defense firm have the right type of experience? An attorney’s experience can literally mean the difference between approaching the courts with a winning case and watching your defense argument go up in flames. Familiarity with the criminal process, the local courts, the laws that affect your case and the judges presiding over the courts can have a dramatic impact upon the outcome of your case. So don’t ever be afraid to investigate your attorney’s qualifications before you decide which legal counselor or firm is more capable of fulfilling your needs as a client.

There is no “best” criminal defense firm available or any one-size-fits-all attorney that can handle every case and client brought before them. The success of any given case is dependent upon a number of factors that include attorney experience and skillful knowledge of legal defenses. If you or a loved one has been arrested on criminal charges, do not be afraid to contact several different law firms and speak to a number of different attorneys. At this critical juncture, it is imperative that you work with someone who is not only capable of listening to your side of the story and understanding your predicament but also convincingly capable of providing you with the aggressive representation that you deserve.

If you are looking for a criminal defense firm to handle your case, call 248-408-7679. I offer free initial consultations and affordable flat-rate fees

Kathryn L. Simmons is a defense attorney in Lake Orion, Orion Township, Rochester Hills, Oxford, Clarkston, Auburn Hills, Waterford, Pontiac, Bloomfield Hills, Troy, Macomb County and the Oakland County Circuit Court.

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