Domestic Violence Laws

The domestic violence laws in Michigan are unbiased regarding gender. Contemporary legislation recognizes that women are just as capable of inciting or committing acts of domestic abuse as men. If you have been arrested on charges of assault or abuse within the home, call my firm today. A conviction on such charges can be damaging to both your family and your future.

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Whenever members of the same household wind up in an escalated confrontation, harsh words are often exchanged and situations can erupt into physical altercations. Misunderstandings and personal resentments make excellent accelerants to abusive and violent eruptions. However, not every verbal confrontation or physical contest within the home is worthy of an arrest.

  • Domestic violence laws in Michigan define the crime of domestic abuse as: “…a pattern of learned behavior in which one person uses physical, sexual and emotional abuse to control another person.”

Not every act of perceived violence within the home is the result of a learned abusive behavior. Sometimes people simply do not get along or disagree to a point where words no longer convey the gravity of their emotional charges. Sometimes, what appears on the outside to be an act of abuse is actually someone defending themselves or protecting another individual from the irrational behaviors of another person.

Working with domestic violence laws, I have successfully represented clients whose charges were based upon misinterpretations of the “crime scene” at the time of their arrests. Police must act quickly when arriving on the scene of a domestic dispute, and while their goal is always to remove the person responsible for the abuse, circumstances are not always as they appear and mistakes are made.

I have helped clients whose charges were the results of:

  • A heat of the moment discussion that led to the compulsion to threaten or strike another member of the household
  • An act of self-defense or an act to provide protection to another member of the household against an angry
    or irrational member of the family or household
  • Accusations made by a member of the household who was intoxicated on alcohol or drugs at the time such
    accusations were made
  • False accusations leveled by another member of the household in order to facilitate their personal ambitions
    during a divorce or custody battle
  • Exaggerations of words and events that resulted in only minor injuries

Domestic violence laws in Michigan were devised to protect the innocent, even if the innocent party is the one being accused of the crime. Don’t let a false accusation or misinterpretation of the events that led to your arrest go unaddressed. You are entitled to a legal defense, and I may be able to help you avoid the costly consequences of a conviction.

Domestic violence laws allow the courts to impose swift and immediate remedies to victims, such as temporary “stay away” orders and Personal Protection Orders (PPO) against those charged with committing the abuse. These remedies can bar you from seeing your children and even put you on the street. If you have been involved in a domestic dispute and wound up being arrested, call my firm today. I make no discrimination between male and female clients, nor do I harbor any prejudices against members of same-sex partnerships.

Do not allow your future to be marred by an unjust conviction, especially if your arrest was the result of an extreme misunderstanding of the circumstances as they appeared. “Call me today, We can discuss your case during a free consultation.”

If you have questions about Michigan’s domestic violence laws. Call 248-408-7679 Free initial consultations and affordable flat-rate fees.

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