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To fight driving violations in Michigan, call now. You do not have to accept civil fines or misdemeanor penalties. If you have been charged with a felony, you want aggressive defense. Whichever the level of charges you face, it is possible to minimize fines, reduce jail or prison time, and protect your driver’s license.

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Call Now If You Face:

  1. DUI offenses including refusing a BAC test
  2. Moving violations
  3. Other traffic offenses


Of all driving violations, a conviction on drunken driving charges is potentially the most serious. In Michigan, the charges include OWI (Operating While Intoxicated), OWPD (Operating with the Presence of Drugs), or OWVI (Operating While Visibly Impaired). Most first and second offenses are misdemeanors, but the state has set tough minimum sentences. Many people choose to have an attorney represent them on misdemeanor DUI charges in hopes of reducing fines and license suspension time. Having representation at a hearing on refusal to take a BAC test can impact the length of time a license will be suspended.

Felony DUI driving violations are especially serious because felony convictions carry prison time. Get a skilled attorney to evaluate the strategies to defend you or someone you love against these grave charges. Call now. Examples include:

  • A third DUI offense (within a lifetime)
  • A DUI that caused an accident in which someone else was seriously injured or killed
  • Causing an accident with serious injury or death while driving on a license that had been suspended or revoked

Moving Driving Violations

The majority of these offenses are misdemeanors. You can mail in the fine. But it can pay to fight the charge. The officer who wrote the ticket may be persuaded to accept a plea to a lesser charge. The judge may be open to negotiation by a skilled lawyer. If the officer does not show up for court, the charges could be dropped. Your attorney will know what to do. Some examples:

  • Running a red light/amber light
  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Illegal passing
  • Failure to yield the right of way
  • There are many others; call me to discuss the specifics of your case

Other Driving Violations

The word “other” does not mean less serious. Whether you face civil hearings or a criminal case, call for clear advice about what can be done. Some examples include operating a motor vehicle:

  • Without insurance
  • Without registration
  • With expired license plates
  • With a driver’s license infraction

Driving Violations Mean Points, and That Means Money

It can pay to dispute even misdemeanor and civil charges, because many of them carry fines. But even more costly may be the impact of points on your record.

  • Insurance companies raise rates on drivers who accumulate points on their record.
  • Michigan assesses a Driver Responsibility Fee. It is money that you would have to pay if you rack up points. Basically, the fee begins at $100 when a person reaches seven points, and goes up $50 for each additional point from there on.

It may be possible to avoid points by attending a Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDIC) – what is commonly called “traffic school.” To find out if this is an option in your case, call now to schedule a free consultation.


*$199 for civil infraction without hearing held; $399 if hearing held

**$600 per court appearance

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