Drunk Driving – Only $600* – Visa/MC

Got a drunk driving ticket?

Can you afford to lose your driver’s license?

If not, then call Kathryn Simmons – 248-408-7679

Kathryn has over 25 years in handling drunk driving offenses.

Kathryn is a mobile attorney and meets clients where it is convenient for you – that might be a restaurant close to where you work, live or go to school.

Visa & Master Card Accepted

The drunk driving penalties in Michigan are tough. Don’t face a judge alone and don’t assume that a guilty plea is your only option. Call now if you have been arrested for driving while intoxicated or while drug impaired. There are effective defenses against the consequences of OWI, OWPD and OWVI conviction.
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Put an aggressive drunk driving defense attorney on your side – call me now! In Michigan, a first offense will change your life. A second conviction sends you to jail. A third strike is a felony and that means prison. You owe it to yourself – or to your loved ones – to find out if there are legal strategies that could reduce the penalties you may face.
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* $600 per court appearance